Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011!!

In the weeks leading up to the new year I spent plenty of time thinking about what goals I wanted to set for the year ahead. Of course the list of personal goals was the typical, but the list of goals for the business was another story. Here is a peak at some of the highlights of my list...

1.Develope a business plan.
2.Find my focus and run with it.
3.Participate in 10 Craft Shows.
4.Increase sales by 10%.
5.Reach 1000 or more Facebook Fans.
6.Blog regularly (a girl can dream)
7.Have 100 sales in my etsy shop.

Seems pretty easy right? Maybe. I'm going to give it a go and see how I do.

Right now I am working on #2, find my focus and run with it. I have in my sewing room currently fabric cut to make an adorable bedding set for a women in my hometown that I went to grade school with. It is intimidating, yet beautiful and I can't wait for it to be finished. I have also been working on a fun line of children's clothing that consists of coordinating outfits for brothers and sisters. Right now I have finished two sets with a Valentine's Day theme and have several more in the works.

This is the Be Mine Brother Sister Set. After listing it on Etsy and posting photos on our facebook page. I sold 1 Complete set and two dresses.

This is the Love Blooms Brother Sister Set and again with in an hour of listing it on etsy it sold! This makes me so excited.

No adorable outfit is complete with out the right Hair Candy. All of out outfits will have have coordinating hair accessories.

So we wish you a wonderful new year and hope you will hang around to see all the great cahnges that are taking place at Elle Dee Designs!

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